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When choosing the best staircase for your development or residence choosing the balustrade design can add features to enhance your building design. Stair Lock has experience and knowledge in the manufacture of stair balustrades, whether they are used for internal or external stairs. We can help you choose the best balustrades for your project and budget. We can help you determine which materials suit your needs, whether they are functional and unique or to blend with your building design.

Timber balustrades are one of the more traditional materials used for balustrades and the versatility of timber is endless.
For the truly open look to a staircase or void area, glass balustrade is not only the best way to let light through, but also very safe when designed and installed properly. The use of glass balustrades with their clear finish help to preserve the surrounds of the building or outdoor landscape.
An elegant addition to any building or office project, metal balustrades can blend beautifully with other materials such as glass and timber
Stainless Steel is now a major architectural feature available in a large range of designs. Stainless steel hand rails, stainless steel posts, square, rectangle or round are often teamed with wire cables to achieve the modern look.Wire cables with timber posts and handrails are also a popular choice.
Stair handrails are primarily installed for the safety and stability of a staircase but they also form an integral part of the decorative style of the balustrade. Most stair handrails tend to use timber for a beautiful traditional look.
The Stair post is like the backbone of the staircase. You need to ensure that it is made from sturdy materials and is well fitted to support the handrails. Not only is the stair post a key piece of architectural hardware, but it also is a style element that needs to match the rest of the staircase and the home.

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