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Welcome to Miami Railing Design Corp.

Miami Railing Design is Miami’s distinguished provider of high quality and affordable staircase designs and staircase construction. As a family owned stair company. We have 15 years experience in the building industry and offer specialised, professional service to all our clients.
Located in Miami,Miami Railing Design offers a wide variety of products, including: internal and external stairs, glass, timber, stainless steel, steel, wrought iron and various other baluster and handrail options. We work closely with each client to provide the best attention to detail possible. Our company is a leader in personal and professional staircase designs.

Our Stair Range

We have a vast range of staircase designs. Architectural stairs, commercial stairs, modern staircases, traditional staircases & external staircases. We only use quality timber, wrought iron, stainless steel or even glass hand rails to build your staircase exactly how you imagine it.

Stair Renovations

We can renovate your existing staircase or handrails with a wide variety of cost effective and budget stairs options to choose from. We will create a new staircase or balustrade design, remove your old staircase, then install the new stair & handrails with minor disruption to your daily routine.

Stair Quality

We construct stairs from only high quality materials. Whether you envisage timber, glass or steel, we can respond to your needs.

Modern Stairs

Modern stairs are rising in popularity today because they are more about opening up an area than becoming a feature of it.The materials most commonly found in modern stairs are stainless steel and glass, as these make for the most minimalistic and square designs, for which the stairs are known and desired.

Why Choose Miami Railing Design.
  • Stair Remodel: Includes removing and replacing old stair parts.
  • New Stair Construction: Includes framing, installation and finishing.
  • Custom stair design : planning, fabrication, installation.
  • High quality stair parts backed by our limited warranty.
  • Our parts meet all building code standards set by the Stairway Manufacturers Association.
  • Increase your home’s resale value with iron balusters.

Stair Systems

Straight Design

Typography We work closely with the architect, interior designer, builder, and homeowner to design and build the perfect custom Stairs.

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Curve Design

TypographyStunning visual impact for any entrance hall. Top quality. Extra generous width and walking comfort. Diferent designs combinations to suit architectural style of any home.

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Open Stringer Stairs

ColorsCut or Open String - the diagonal edge is cut away to reveal the shape of the treads and risers in profile.

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Closed Stringer

Cross-platformClosed String - the treads and risers of the staircase profile are encased in an angled housing.

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